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Wells Audio Akasha Power Amp

Retail $5000 Special Sale $2300

VG++ with original boxes

– 120 wpc at 8 ohms, 200 wpc at 4 ohms
– Frequency response +/-0.25db from 7 Hz to 35kHz
– Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -103 db, reference level full power output
– Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.02% at 1kHz, at100 W, 8 Ohms
– <0.05% at 20kHz, at 100W, 8 Ohms
– Gain 30 db
– Input Impedance: 30k Ohms
– Damping factor: 200, reference 8 Ohms nominal
– Power Consumption: 350 Watts idle, 1000 Watts maximum
– Inputs: 1 pair RCA unbalanced
– Outputs: 1 pair WBT 5-way binding posts per channel
– Operating Voltage: 120V, 220V, 230V, 240V at 50 or 60 Hz
– Dimensions: 20 in. W X 6.5 in. H X 18.5 in. D

McIntosh MT 5 Precision Turntable

Near Mint with Original Boxes and Papers $5500

With Sumiko Blue Point No 2 Cartridge a $449 value

Cartridge is professionally installed and aligned. A $450 value

The MT5 turntable is engineered so that each part synergistically combines to produce superb record playback – tracking force, anti-skate force, cartridge overhang, and arm height are all preset for maximum performance. While the construction of the MT5 is meticulous, the setup is simple. In a few easy steps, you’ll be ready to enjoy your favorite vinyl recordings. The MT5 maintains classic McIntosh styling by taking full advantage of the chassis materials used to suppress noise, resonance and coloration so the only sound produced is that which is on your records.​

Magnestand Rebuilt Magnepan 1.6 Must be heard to believed

Retail $3800 value for only $2000

Magnepan speakers are without question unique in the high end industry, and not just because of their shape and design principles. What makes them unique is the design seems capable of almost limitless possibilities, yet they are produced at a very basic and modest level of operation.

For whatever reason their design envelope was never pushed by the parent company who seem happiest making them affordable and a value for the money. In light of that numerous people have taken it upon themselves to alter, tweak and “pump up” their maggies over the years. Modifications tend to be confined to:

  • Making some sort of stand, and possibly raising or straightening them
  • Replacing the crossover components with better parts
  • Installing struts to “stiffen” the frames

New hardwood frames and fully external crossover built with premium parts bring the well reviewed Mangnepan 1.6 to new heights.

The result? Clarity, immediacy, warmth, musicality, far better bass reproduction, no limiting sweet spot, more forgiving placement and increased efficiency. We believe the result is one of the best speakers on earth, and I would be willing to put them up against any commers. So far customers have auditioned and preferred them against top of the line models from companies like Gallo, Harbeth, Merlin and Vandersteen and they have even beaten specialized speakers costing as much as 15 thousand dollars.

Bryston BP 26 Pre-ampifier

$2500 take away price

The Bryston BP26 preamplifier offers a significant step forward in capturing the subtleties, nuances, and emotions of recorded music. All aspects of the signal flow are enhanced with lower noise and distortion figures, and higher load levels, offering a rich and vibrant audio experience.

Input: 2x XLR balanced pairs, 5x RCA single ended pairs, RCA single ended phono***, RCA single ended (tape loop)
Output: XLR Balanced, 2x RCA single ended pairs


  • Low noise floor
  • Steel cabinet shielding to reduce EMI
  • Gold plated switch, contacts, and connectors
  • Outboard MPS-2 power supply
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