What Dr Vinyl can do for you!

Turntable set ups

Dr Vinyl's turntable set-up expertise is widely known and in high demand. You get the TT set up with every purchase, a $300 value.

Listen and evaluate your wants

Dr Vinyl knows how to listen to your needs and provide the single component or complete system to get you full emotional impact.

Help with upgrading components

sometimes its just a cartridge change or a new cable that is all that is needed to get you to the musical place you want to be

Design a system to fit your needs

Dr Vinyl can design a system to fit your wants, needs, and resources that you will be proud of.

Do Cables make a difference?

Dr Vinyl has a wide range of cables to demonstrate the technique of system tuning. You might not need a new amplifier or speaker. Cables make a difference!

Phono cartridge alignment

Proper phono cartridge alignment is a must to get the performance you paid for. Its a tedious process that Dr Vinyl has done thousands of times.