Pear Audio Analogue

Pear Audio Blue Turntables and Tonearms

Kid Thomas

Our goal was to make the best possible turntable, period! Every detail, right down to special bearing oil, developed exclusively for Pear Audio Analogue, demonstrates that we examine every detail and leave nothing to chance. The meticulous choice of materials, even in the most apparently trivial places resulted in a – magnificent marriage of materials. The Kid Thomas is our crowning achievement.

As striking in appearance as it is in performance, with a suspended double-layer plinth, identical to the one on the top model, Kid Thomas.

A turntable for the serious audiophile who demands high performance sound quality.

Cornet 2 Tonearm

Unipivot arms are usually designed with the pivot sitting in a silicone bath. The problem with this design is that the silicone bath takes quite a while to settle down, so the sound of the arm changes as it plays. Many unipivots uses eccentric counter weights to insure proper azimuth.

Cornet’s unipivot design uses a new approach: to maintain azimuth, along with a special material, developed with viscosity properties that do not flow and do not require “settling time”. 

A hi-tech carbon fibre tube with fibres along the length, not wrapped around the arm, greatly increases the strength, resonance control and rigidity of the arm. 

Cornet arms also have an unusual new headshell design. Meticulous attention to the material went into the development, producing an arm more sonically in phase. The headshell also has no finger lift. These features ensure that the arm is properly balanced and no uncontrolled resonances run around the headshell. 

The Cornet 2 tonearm has long grain Carbon fiber, Unipivot design, in-line headshell and a magnificent marriage of materials. 

Kid Howard

Kid Howard is Pear Audio Blue’s entry-level turntable, even though it offers performance and sound quality that is anything but entry-level. The Kid Howard delivers sound and musical ability way beyond expectations at this price range.


Cornet 1 Tonearm

Cornet 2 tonearm designed by Tom Fletcher are the triumphant culmination of the Tom’s continuing development of the Space Arm.

Cornet’s unipivot design uses a new approach to maintain azimuth, along with a special material developed, with viscosity properties that does not flow and does not require “settling time”. A hi-tech carbon fibre tube with fibres along the length and not wrapped around the arm, greatly increasing the strength, resonance control and rigidity of the arm

Robin Hood Turntable with Cornet 1 Tonearm

Robin Hood features an essential parameter in turntable design: matching materials able to control resonance naturally and that are sonically in phase. Components are selected to work perfectly together, making the whole more than the sum of its parts – creating a turntable in sonic harmony.

Special attention has been placed on a new bearing development along with a new and improved plinth. An improved motor arrangement and a different platter were implemented along with other improvements to achieve superior organic sound quality. The perfect marriage of materials results in astonishing realism, tonal quality and balance, with a realistic and deep 3D soundstage. You’ll be able to hear an astonishing, near-live performance of your favorite musicians.

Each model is built upon the same design principles and all offer high performance sound, quality build and value way beyond their price.


All these models are available for your listening pleasure in our Larsen room