Levin Design Natural Animal Hair Record Brushes

Audio Skies is proud to announce they just became the exclusive North American distributor for Levin Design handmade record brushes. We mostly demo an analog source at shows and dealers, and the Levin record brush is the best brush we have ever tried. It actually absorbs the dust and dirt instead of just pushing it around the record.

The brushes are gorgeous, handmade with real animal hair, washable, durable and come in a variety of wood finishes. Matching cartridge brushes are also available, starting at $99.

The Levin record cleaning brushes are produced by traditional brush manufacturer methods, that means the natural hair pull in by hand.

  • It is an antistatic brush.
  • It has a new geometry, the dust is absorbed from the record surface into┬áthe natural goat hair structure.
  • The handle has been extended so that a beautiful haptic is created (approximately 16.cm).
  • The brush is made of a variety of handle materials (technical plastic and precious wood).
  • Sustainable/durable
  • Handmade in Germany

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