Music moves us

First and foremost, we love music. All of it – from Puccini to Prince Buster, Public Enemy to Duke Ellington. No matter who or what you’re into, there’s something quite fundamental about the power of music. As human beings, it moves us. Sometimes it’s like a personal soundtrack to our daily lives. Other times it’s almost transcendent, elevating us above and beyond the day-to-day. It brings us together, soothes our souls, lifts our spirits, fires our minds and frees our bodies. At Gamut, we’re here to move and be moved.


The little guy with the big voice

Just because you have a small to medium sized room doesn’t mean you should compromise on the magnitude of your music. The RS3i is a compact standmount loudspeaker designed to pack a full-range punch.

Its integral, acoustically optimised stand features the same construction principles and high quality materials as the loudspeaker itself, and is designed to position the RS3i at precisely the right height and tilt angle for the best possible performance.

Expect lifelike dynamics and microscopic resolution of a world of fine detail. Be bowled over by the exquisite reproduction of instruments and voices with holographic clarity and an astonishingly large three-dimensional soundstage. And prepare to be very surprised indeed by the unusually rich and deep bass tones for a speaker of its size.


Please be upstanding

Got a bit more room to play with? Then let’s stand taller, reach deeper.

The RS5i is a 2½ way floorstander designed to deliver an even richer bass response compared with the smaller RS3i standmount. And deliver it does – in spades. Perfectly proportioned, the RS5i is deftly masterful in a range of spaces. It won’t overwhelm a room on the smaller side of medium, and yet it will fluently command a medium-to-large one.

Look forward to pinpoint-accurate timing and crystal clear definition of minute details. Enjoy an authentic, true-to-life presentation erupting with effortless natural tones – from sparkling highs to profound, velvety lows. And get ready for the dynamic punch that goes right to the gut, whether you’re reveling in heavy rock, classical or hip hop.

D3i dual mono preamplifier

Naturally articulate

A preamplifier manages the critical task of preparing a delicate audio signal for power amplification. While this may not sound like the sexiest job in your hi-fi system, a surprising amount of your listening bliss rides on getting that task bang-on.

Remember the last time you heard your favourite music ‘unplugged’? That pure, organic live sound with absolutely nothing in the way. That’s what a really great preamp should sound like. Naturally clear and coherent. Articulate and eloquent. Lucid and fluent.

The D3i is a truly skillful communicator, deftly designed to prime the delicate audio signal for such greatness.

So when you pair it with a great quality power amp, you can expect to hear a whole world of sweet detail in your music and feel its vividly immediate presence.

And if vinyl is your thing (it’s certainly ours) the D3i is handily designed to take an add-on phono stage board.

M250i mono power amplifier

To within an inch of your life

 We thought we’d allow one or two experts to introduce you to the M250i.

Andrew Everard, in Hi-Fi News magazine (UK)…

“Please keep your arms inside the car during the thrill-ride.”

“The Gamut amps are an absolute riot, not just finding information in tracks lesser amplification merely suggests might be there but proving entirely unburstable right up to the limits of what a pair of speakers can handle. They deliver a sound that’s loud, proud and in the face when required, but are equally at home shimmering through some delicate acoustic recordings at tickover levels.”

“Prepare to reset your expectations of what a hi-fi system can deliver: the Gamuts have all the agility and finesse required for fine sound, but underpinned with a massive sense of unfettered power and total control. By any standards this is an amplifier priced well into the high-end, but it’s also one worth every penny, taking no prisoners while sacrificing nothing of the visceral thrill of ‘real’ music.”

 And Jerold O’Brien, in Tone Audio magazine (USA)…

“They even sound incredible at low volume. Amplifier genius and mad scientist Nelson Pass likes to say that if the first watt isn’t great, the rest don’t matter. The M250i exemplifies this philosophy.”

“They stand on their own as world-class power amplifiers. In the context of tube and solid-state systems, they integrate easily into whatever components you happen to be using. Thanks to their high current capability, they drive any speaker with ease.”

“Easily the last power amplifiers you’ll need to buy. They offer musical delight with no negatives whatsoever.”

Complete your Gamut System with the finest available

Gamut’s Reference cables are precisely designed to work hand-in-hand with their speakers and amplifiers, making sure that absolutely nothing gets in the way of you enjoying the full dynamic potential of the Gamut sound

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