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Thrax weekend was a success >>>

Dr Vinyl Big Sale

McGary SA-1 30 watt tube P_P amp

Sutherland Nixie Line Stage

Sutherland Little Loco Phono Stage

This is the last Century available in the USA!!!

A newly developed Anniversary moving coil cartridge, the Ortofon MC Century coming soon

The MC Century represents the absolute top of Moving Coil cartridges. This state of the art product is truly exemplary of the highest degree of performance possible in contemporary analogue playback technology.

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Dr.Vinyl will install and align any TopWing Cartridge in your turntable, this is a $450 value. Contact us for details

New Phono Cartridge that has everyone talking..... And we have it!!

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Dr.Vinyl will install and align any TopWing Cartridge in your turntable, this is a $450 value. Contact us for details

Big Spring sale!

Some Examples:

Gamut M5 List $9500 Two Pairs Demo
In Satin Black $7000
In Madagascar Ebony $7500

Hana SL and SH List $750 — $100 off with any trade-in
Hana EH and EL List $475 —$50 off with any trade in

20% off for any system price (Speakers, Amp, TT)
20% of on any cables  (Anti-Cable, EnKlien, Gamut)
40% off on all Demos  ????
Ortofon 2M Black Demo List $750 Sale $450(Low Hours)

Music Hall
mmf 7.3 List $1700 Demo %20 off  $1360  Perfect low hours
with Ortofon Bronze cartridge ($450)

Etsuro Urushi Cobalt  List $5200 Low hours demo $3900

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You can hear this great an innovative phono stage at Dr Vinyl now!

John Atkinson in the room

John Atkinson, Stereophile, stops by to listen to the Larsens, Pear Audio Blue, and Ron Sutherland's Phono Loco.

John Atkinson and Ron Sutherland

John Atkinson, Stereophile, gets the goods from Ron Sutherland about the Phono Loco

The Absolute Sound's first look

Sutherland Phono Loco Phonostage Ron Sutherland of Sutherland Engineering showed off his new Phono Loco ($8400) current-input (transimpedance amplification) phonostage at this year’s AXPONA 2018. Unlike a voltage-input phonostage, transimpedance amplification utilizes the cartridge’s current output to feed the current-input stage of the phono section. Once the signal has gone through this stage and been amplified, it becomes a voltage output. Where this conversion from current-to-voltage takes place within the phonostage is at the discretion of the circuit designer, but in most cases it is probably done after or during the first stage. The Phono Loco has only XLR inputs due to the requirement for differential/balanced connection. There are no loading options required for a current-input stage. There is also no fixed default gain setting (gain will vary somewhat based on the cartridge impedance and output current). However, Phono Loco does incorporate a +6dB or -6dB gain setting for the output amplification, if the nominal level needs to be increased or decreased. The output of the Phono Loco is RCA single-ended. An evaluation in the pages of TAS could be upcoming.

Positive feedback.com visits Dr. Vinyl

04-18-2018 | By Carol Clark | Issue 96 This is the first year Dave and I have attended AXPONA. I quickly learned, it's not just another show. With over 160 rooms, there was a lot of ground to cover. It reminded me of the days of CES, lots of walking and not enough time for listening. There were new products to see, and manufacturers we haven't seen in a long time. We wore ourselves out, walking almost three miles on Friday, and almost four miles on Saturday. Overall, it is a great show, and one that I can only see growing over time. The captions listed below are primarily from door signs outside of rooms. In a few cases, equipment lists were provided. As always, these show reports are a joint effort on our part. All pictures by Dave Clark (need a better lens and thanks to Lee Shelly, just bought one), words by Carol Clark.

You can hear the latest Phono Loco from Ron Sutherland at Dr Vinyl

Phono Loco brand new product from genius Ron Sutherland. Incredibly ingenious design , no loading hassle handles any M/C cartridge . Full bodied yet exquisite detail. To be showcased at the Axpona show room 6015. Reasonably priced fo todays standards at $8400

Dr Vinly now has the best LP cleaning brush ever!

Levin brushes range in price from $99 to $175, with cases starting at $79. That’s not cheap, and it took a minute for this vinyl enthusiast to wrap their head around the cost; even a sexy, best in class product like this. I confess I hate spending money on record sleeves, cleaning fluid, brushes, etc. I’d rather spend that money on more records. But these purchases fall squarely into the necessary evil category; I grin and bear it because I know how important it is to take great care of your records.

Once you hold the Levin brush in your hand, the quality and care in its construction is evident. Fit and finish are outstanding. The matching wood and metal case strikes the perfect balance between form and function, calling to mind the goodies you find at the MoMA Design Store. Objet d’art meets record cleaning brush, cool!

Levin claims the combination of natural goat or horse hair, with the wood and aluminum used for the brush’s handle interact with your hand to create an antistatic effect. I concur with the manufacturer, it does as claimed, reducing static as it picks up the day to day dust on records. Even if you are using an excellent record cleaning system, some dust still builds up and using the Levin brush will extend the time between full cleanings.

Most affordable Music Hall mmf 1.5 is now avalable at Dr Vinyl


The stunning mmf-1.5 with its superior S-shaped alloy tonearm, Music Hall Melody cartridge, 3-speed belt drive design, and built-in phono pre-amp is a beautifully refined piece.
  • gorgeous real cherry wood veneer
  • built-in phono pre-amplifier which is by-passable if plugging into an existing phono pre-amp
  • S-shaped aluminum tonearm, 9″
  • removable headshell for easy cartridge changing
  • low noise belt-drive design
  • stiff and solid MDF plinth
  • separately isolated DC synchronous motor for superior speed stability
  • three-speed motor provides 33⅓, 45, and 78 rpm
  • properly aligned and mounted Music Hall Melody ($75 value) moving magnet cartridge
  • adjustable electronic speed control
  • special vibration damping feet
  • high quality gold RCA connectors with detachable phono cable included
  • full-size aluminum platter and special vibration damping platter mat
  • worldwide compatibility
  • excellent instruction manual
  • dust cover and 45 rpm adaptor
  • quick and easy to assemble