BOB'S DEVICES Step up transfomers

Has newly designed Ultra High quality laminations, lower inductance and superior sound. These transformers were especially designed and tested with several low-output moving coil cartridges. These are very difficult transformers to construct and require a precision manufacturing process that can only be done by David Geren at CineMag. Unlike the 1131, the SKY has custom designed laminations and the inductance of the SKY is even lower. In addition, the bandwidth is extended a little further.

Hand Crafted, Moving Coil (MC) Cartridge Step-up Transformer (SUT) built with new CineMag SKY (Blue Version) Transformers and gold plated hardware in a hand polished black powder coated cast-aluminum enclosure. All lettering is laser etched. Included are 2 switches: high/low gain and ground/lift.

Includes premium construction with C&K Brand Silver contact toggle switches, and Deluxe Gold Plated RCA jacks. 

We have both the Sky 20 and Sky 30 available to audition

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