Audio Union is an organization of respected engineers, research scientists and international manufacturers dedicated to restoring the true meaning of “High Fidelity”. The hallmark of our products is not only the timeless beauty of the exterior and the application of revolutionary engineering concepts; it is also the desire to construct products that express music perfectly.

Frank Schroeder - CB Tonearm

  • Magnetically centered and pre-loaded ceramic hybrid bearings eliminating bearing chatter completely, guaranteeing constant rigid structural coupling and silent ultra-low friction movement.
  • Unique system for lateral movement damped by eddy current induction.
  • Extremely low bearing stiction/friction through the use of magnetically centered and pre-loaded ceramic hybrid ball bearings.
  • Symmetrical mass distribution around the central bearing axes prevents external excitation to cause any cantilever deflection
  • The geometry and mass balance prevents change in VTF when altering VTA
  • Bearing for vertical movement is on the same plane as record, so the arm is immune to warp wow effects
  • Wiring harness with extremely low dielectric losses allows mounting of any MM cartridges with proper capacitive load at the phonostage.
  • Symmetrical layout of the conductors preventing RF and EMI entering your preamplifier.
  • Multi-layer armwand construction using carbon fiber and other composites create extreme torsional and bending stiffness with very high internal damping factors. This prevents any signal reflection back into the cartridge.

·  A dual section counterweight is incorporated with an adjustable damping system. This allows tuning of structural vibration absorptions to prevent signal reflection across the armwand. Magnetic anti-skating; essentially the forces vary across the record during playback to correctly compensate for the skating forces.

The Helix 2 is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance in analog playback. It raises the benchmarks for noise reduction and preservation of signals due to its unique Micro Signal Architecture (MSA) design.
Mark Döhmann The complex chassis design of the Helix 2 incorporates technological innovations to eliminate cloudiness and time signature smear inherent in a turntable’s basic design premise.
This fresh approach addresses each aspect of noise and vibration suppression using the latest in visualization techniques, engineering concepts, and patented technologies.

Other innovations achieved by the Helix 2 design team include:

 Active transmigration of vibrations are away from the bearing and platter.

 Motor drive control over fluidity and dynamics eliminates motor “hunt and seek” disruption to platter rotation.

 Adaptation and integration of a Negative Stiffness Mechanism NSM©, a unique isolation system originally developed by Minus-K and customized in conjunction with Audio Union, for isolation of low frequency floor vibrations.
Audio Union understands all listening environments are unique. The Helix 2 is designed to operate flawlessly in non-ideal environments such as older houses with wooden floors, upper floors, attics where external vibrations are carried through buildings – even those made from concrete, steel, and brick.

Our passion for recording and playback of music has driven us to innovate and create the Helix 2 to satisfy our desire to obtain a new reference in analog playback. We are confident you will appreciate our meticulous attention to detail from the very first note you hear in your own listening room.

The Helix 2 turntable can be situated on any furniture; fit in with any architecture and décor with the capacity to support 70Kg and provide shelf space at least 480mm wide and 400 mm deep. SPECIFICATIONS The operation of the Helix 2 is simplified by two push buttons on the table surface for speed selection/on/off.

Table Chassis:
Speed Control (Factory Calibrated):

33 RPM

 45 RPM

 78 and other RPM’s are available by request. Drive System:

 Fully integrated High Torque motor

 Dual belt platter drive designed to reduce static electricity and vibrations.

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