Dr Vinyl at Capital Audiofest 2017

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By Kemper Holt

It isn’t often you enter a room at a show that you find not only all the equipment against a wall but the speakers as well. Where are the room treatments? Why aren’t the speakers four feet out from the wall? Audiophiles who don’t have a dedicated listening room, I’m guessing 85% of us, typically have some room decor considerations to run by a significant other. Most (all) of the time having speakers three to five feet off the front wall for better soundscaping will be met with resistance. Sometimes the compromise is that all parties are unhappy. Jose Ramirez, a.k.a. Dr. Vinyl, has a perfect solution that will keep everyone happy, they’re called Larsen loudspeakers. Designed with the goal of having to be placed against a wall, the Larsen lineup has an unusual looking (without grille) driver layout. They use the wall boundary as a benefit, especially the bass reinforcement, they are not big speakers but they can deliver room crunching deep bass.