Dr. Vinyl and GamuT/Audio Skies Shine at RMAF 2016

Dr. Vinyl at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2016

The GamuT/Audio Skies room was by far the most fun—in terms of both listening and atmosphere—on the entire second floor! I walked in to find Jose Ramirez casually dancing to Hugh Masekela’s Hope LP. After a few minutes of listening, he asked if I had any requests. After flipping through a stack of vinyl, I chose: “Desafinado,” off of the Getz/Gilberto featuring Antonio Carlos Jobim album. Jose started singing along, as expected. Never had I felt so welcomed in this entire show without needing to flash my Stereophile badge to beg someone for information. (And even if I wasn’t press, this shouldn’t be the case for any show attendee.)

We listened to the LP on a Pear Audio Blue Capt. John Handy/Cornet 2 Turntable/Tonearm ($4,995), with an Ortofon Cadenza Black MC Cartridge ($2,750), an Ortofon ST 80 step-up transformer ($1,679), and a Pear Audio Blue Classic Phono stage ($1,995). This all went through a GamuT Di150 Limited Edition Dual-mono integrated amp ($11,990) to Larsen 8 Loudspeakers ($6,995/pair), with GamuT cables throughout. (I have read about the Cornet 2 Tonearm in both Michael Fremer’s and Art Dudley’s reviews of it, and have long been craving a listen.)

I loved the entire system immediately, like it was my own. But better. It was that sort of warm, nostalgic sound that made me feel at home. But better. With a deep, full bass, thick, creamy mid-layers, and the gentlest of highs, I realized: this is my favorite room of the show. But better.
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