Dr. Vinyl’s Setup Shines at Capital Audio Fest

Our showing at the Capital Audio Festival proved to be one of the highlights of the weekend.  Our setup detailed below caught the attention of everyone who walked through the door.  Check out the review below and contact us if you are interested in the components highlighted.

(Excerpts taken from CAF2016: Artie’s Friday Afternoon, off Stereophile.com – Posted 7/10/16)

I like the out-of-the-ordinary, possibly because I have been disappointed by the ordinary often enough that I’m not uncomfortable looking elsewhere. So I’ll admit up-front that I was predisposed toward enjoying Larsen loudspeakers, from Sweden, which are designed to perform their best, not in an anechoic chamber but in a real room, when positioned up against a real wall. Even that bit of psychological preconditioning didn’t prepare me for how impressed I was by the Larsen 8 ($7000/pair), driven by a GamuT Di150 integrated amplifier ($13,990), itself fed by a Pear Audio Blue Kid Howard turntable ($5000 w/tonearm) and an Ortofon Cadenza Black cartridge.

On a variety of recordings—the Annie Lennox album Nostalgia, Claudia Gomez’s Salamandra, a solo recording by cellist Elinor Frey—this system sounded alive, not with distortion but with the constant flux of tension and release associated with real music. Bass notes, while slightly (and pleasantly) plummy, came across with unusually good momentum and timing. Top-to-bottom tonal balance was just about perfect. Beautifully saturated timbral colors were present and accounted for. Spatial performance, though lacking the abundant sense of “stage” depth prized by some, was characterized by very solid, substantial images. And tactile nuance and force were satisfying. In six words: I could live with this system. In one word: wow.

(Click the link above for the full article on Stereophile.com)