We wish to bring the excitement of the performance into your listening room  

Dr Vinyl will be At CAF 2018

In Room 321 we will have:  Larsen, Vac, Thrax, Sutherland Engineering, AudioUnion, Enklein Cables, Top Wing Cartridge, Gygawatt, Dömann Turntable

Also come by Room 301 to see: Pear Audio Blue Turntable, 
Topwing Blue Dragon Cartridge and, Gamut Cables


System Design

We can help in the decision process for what is most important to your listening pleasure. Either starting fresh with a new system or upgrade exiting system we can bring exciting realism in your home

Wide range of products

We have assembled some of the best products; speakers, electronics, cables, and accessories to provide the best system for you!

Services to make your system sing!

We provide complete system setup, including turntable set up and cartridge alignment. We can suggest fine tuning system with cable suggestions and speaker placement. We also have a vinyl cleaning service that will bring new life to you old records.

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